Monday, December 12, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

At the very end of this party the birthday girl mistakenly let go of her balloon.  It floated up and away into the blue sky and our photographer happened to catch that moment.  I love the way the photo perfectly represents the blue and white of Alice's famous dress.

Our Tea Table was inspired by the disney movie - super long (18 feet) and laden with finger foods and mismatched china tea cups.

We used sugar cubes and the young ladies loved asking each other "one lump or two?" as the "tea" was poured.

Iced lemon sugar cookies exclaimed "Try Me", "Eat Me" and "Take One"

A truly amazing cake - from Bake Love Bakery

My favorite detail at the bottom of the cake - The exhausted little card rests between painting the roses red.

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