Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Enchanted Woodland and Gnome Party

This was a whimsical party themed around Gnomes, and Woodland creatures.  We were blessed with a perfect Spring Day which let us set up our party in a little clearing in the woods.  I wanted it to feel as though the tiny woodland folk had pulled together their best mix of lace and finery to decorate for a special celebration.  ( I had imagined the gnome hats placed upright at every seat, however, the gentle breeze had other ideas)

We strung a wire between two trees and hung this grapevine chandelier.  I attached handmade paper doilie flowers, a few butterflies and scraps of ribbon .  I loved the way this turned out.  I also searched the local thrift store for a pair of lace curtains ($3) and strung them between two trees.

 Our favors were Ceramic butterflies with space to write a wish and tuck inside.  We decorated each box with a rustic pencil and some ribbon.

It seems a naughty little girl has trapped a gnome to keep as her own.

Super easy (non sewing!) craft to turn a wooden stool from the craft store into a Toad-stool.  I finished this area off with an old stump and a little tea set.

This was a gluten free cake made for our GF guests.  My sister ( BakeLove Bakery ) made the cake and adorable fondant figures, and I had the fun of making the bunting on top.

A thrift store owl vase put to good use in the Pie Safe.  Our local supercenter sells tiny pies in their bakery section, so we piled them onto a plate as an alternative to cake.

Making fairy houses was our main craft and it really kept the girls busy and happy.  Old Keys, River Rocks, Moss, Seashells, Paper Flowers, and Butterflies were some of the items they used.  The houses were picked up at Michael's craft store and glued to small wooden bases (also from Michael's) so there would be a little front yard for each house.

I made two mushroom shaped cakes by baking cake batter in round pyrex bowls.  I put a round piece of cardboard under the top half before setting it on the bottom half which was slightly smaller.  I used large round chocolate circles to give it a mushroom look.  I am not a baker, but these were quite easy to make and decorate. 

 I found a lovely old graphic from the Graphics Fairy site and used it for all our printables (invitation, food cards and thank you notes).  We served Acorn cookies (mini nilla wafers and hershey kisses held together by a drop of icing)...

S'more sticks (marshmallow rolled in melted chocolate and then rolled in Graham Cracker crumbs - they are so delicious!

 The Squirrel mix was very simple, just a can of mixed nuts from the store.  For presentation, I rolled doilies into a cone shape and secured them with tape, and then poured in the nuts.

Donut holes dipped in warm chocolate and rolled in chopped nuts, just add chocolate sprinkles for the eyes and nose.  The girls just loved these.

 I was delighted by the way the curtains in the backdrop created lots of pretty photo ops.

Here is the invitation we made from an old fashioned graphic.

All the little ladies enjoying their woodland tea.

Are you throwing a gnome party too?  I've got lots of great ideas, tutorials and printables collected over on my Woodland Pinterest Board.  Click on my Pinterest button on the right hand side of this blog to check it out.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Great Garbage Truck Party

Anabelle is a little girl who knows what she wants...and what she wanted was a Garbage Truck Party!

I used lots of recycled materials for her cake table - I had fun with the "Flowers" made from paper towel rolls and empty cereal boxes.

We made fun party hats for each little guest from recycled newspaper - just a few folds and pieces of tape and Voila!

Anabelle's Mommy is a talented graphic designer who made these amazing shirts as party favors for each lucky guest - Hot Pink for the ladies and Taupe for the gents.

I think it's always smart to have a quieter acitivity as part of the party, and this book was read by the birthday girl's Big Sister.

This is a "cupcake stand" I made from soup cans and cake boards covered in empty cookie boxes.

The cupcakes had little "trash can lids" made by the party girls mom.  The reflection of the flash made them hard to photograph, but they were adorable.

We covered the party tables in newspaper to keep with the theme and make clean up super easy!  (I tried to use the Lifestyle and Real Estate sections and quickly scanned each sheet to make sure all the headlines and photos were kid friendly!) 

Activities included water color painting of garbage truck pictures.  And a super popular trash pick up game.  It simply involved crumpling newspaper and having the kids take turns picking the paper up from the floor with "trash grabbers".

"Garbage Bags" full of special treats.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

80th Birthday - Pie Shoppe Party!

This was a party for Granny's 80th birthday - (a surprise party to boot!)  Granny is famous for her baking so we decided on a Pie Shoppe Theme.

I love Blue and Red together, so this was my chance to use that cheerful color combination.  Pin Wheels and flowers I made from paper doilies decorated the table.

I printed out some of the phrases Granny is known for and framed them on the dessert table.

This was my favorite touch - A "Trip" down memory lane.  I used an old suitcase and filled it with photos from Granny's past.  It was the hit of the party!

It was such a rush to set up I didn't get too many great pictures.  Here is the dessert table about half way set up.

Princess Birthday Party

An enchanting Princess Birthday Party complete with Frog Prince in disguise!

A Dessert Buffet fit for a King (and Queen!)