Friday, February 24, 2012

The Great Garbage Truck Party

Anabelle is a little girl who knows what she wants...and what she wanted was a Garbage Truck Party!

I used lots of recycled materials for her cake table - I had fun with the "Flowers" made from paper towel rolls and empty cereal boxes.

We made fun party hats for each little guest from recycled newspaper - just a few folds and pieces of tape and Voila!

Anabelle's Mommy is a talented graphic designer who made these amazing shirts as party favors for each lucky guest - Hot Pink for the ladies and Taupe for the gents.

I think it's always smart to have a quieter acitivity as part of the party, and this book was read by the birthday girl's Big Sister.

This is a "cupcake stand" I made from soup cans and cake boards covered in empty cookie boxes.

The cupcakes had little "trash can lids" made by the party girls mom.  The reflection of the flash made them hard to photograph, but they were adorable.

We covered the party tables in newspaper to keep with the theme and make clean up super easy!  (I tried to use the Lifestyle and Real Estate sections and quickly scanned each sheet to make sure all the headlines and photos were kid friendly!) 

Activities included water color painting of garbage truck pictures.  And a super popular trash pick up game.  It simply involved crumpling newspaper and having the kids take turns picking the paper up from the floor with "trash grabbers".

"Garbage Bags" full of special treats.

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